Medical Oxygen

Having invested in the latest technological stainless steel manufactured plant, Gas Africa's clients can be assured that only the purest Medical Oxygen gets delivered to their facility.

Gas Africa recognizes the importance this life-saving gas plays in providing Oxygen therapy to patients in ICU, HDU and general wards and to that extent has gone a step further by installing a Digital Purity Analyzer.This ensures that no Medical Oxygen cylinder leaves our premises with less than 99.9% purity.

We keep a wide range of equipment related to the medical gas industry ranging from regulators, humidifiers and floor metres which are listed on our accessories and equipment section.A further benefit of Gas Africa’s offering is the increase in longevity of the ventilators within which the Medical Oxygen passes.This leads to reduced maintenance costs leaving the Medical facilities time to concentrate on their core duties.

medical oxygen Kenya

Gas Africa has been an innovator in quality, customer service, and delivery since its inception. Our unique and simple approach in treating our loyal, longtime customers continues to attract new clients who appreciate our principles evolving around:

  •       the use of the latest technological developments to produce, supply and distribute medical and industrial gases and liquids of superior purity.
  •       the need to be prompt with our deliveries avoiding unnecessary delays;
  •       safe handling and treatment of cylinders during filling, transport and delivery to the site
Our goal is to make sure we go above and beyond other medical oxygen suppliers in Kenya in offering the best in customer service and superior purity in our industrial gases. We welcome Hospitals and other Healthcare facilities, including Homecare, to contact us and discuss their needs and requirements.