Industrial Oxygen

A growing East-African economy needs to rely on a constant and reliable supply of quality industrial gases. With numerous uses in steel manufacturing and fabrication, including oxy-fuel cutting and welding, Gas Africa has become a trusted name amongst the industrial gas suppliers in Kenya delivering quality Industrial Oxygen to the door; providing the client with the opportunity to progress on with their projects without unnecessary delays.

The purity of the Industrial Oxygen is paramount in this field to ensure the cleanest and fastest cuts of metal.

Gas Africa has been an innovator in quality, customer service, and delivery since its inception. Our unique and simple approach in treating our loyal, longtime customers continues to attract new clients who appreciate our principles evolving around:

  •       the use of the latest technological developments to produce, supply and distribute medical and industrial gases and liquids of superior purity.
  •       the need to be prompt with our deliveries avoiding unnecessary delays;
  •       safe handling and treatment of cylinders during filling, transport and delivery to the site

industrial oxygen

Our goal is to make sure we go above and beyond other industrial gas suppliers in Nairobi in offeing the best in customer service and superior purity in our industrial gases.

Gas Africa wants to work with any client that is adding value - be it a s small repairs and maintenance workshop, with minimal requirements or a large organization requiring hundreds of cubic metres of Industrial Oxygen, including ship builders, metal piping companies and steel manufacturing groups, Gas Africa is here to deliver cost-saving initiatives with no compromise on quality.