This shielding industrial gas, typically made up of 80% Argon and 20% Carbon Dioxide, is used predominantly in mig-welding – offering a high speed option for the welding of carbon and low-alloy steel.

This technique is in keeping with one of Gas Africa’s goals of improving efficiency in the industrial workplace for all of its clients.

Argoshield produces low heat input and narrow weld beads. Given this and the benefits of improved penetration and strong flat weld fusions – both leading to reduced rejections – the overall production costs are significantly lowered to Gas Africa’s consumers.

Typical applications for Argoshield include:

  •       General fabrication.
  •       Light to medium plate fabrication.
  •       Pipe and tube joining.
  •       Welding of pressure vessels and boilers.

Gas Africa has been an innovator in quality, customer service, and delivery since its inception. Our unique and simple approach in treating our loyal, longtime customers continues to attract new clients who appreciate our principles evolving around:

  •       the use of the latest technological developments to produce, supply and distribute medical and industrial gases and liquids of superior purity.
  •       the need to be prompt with our deliveries avoiding unnecessary delays;
  •       safe handling and treatment of cylinders during filling, transport and delivery to the site
Our goal is to make sure we go above and beyond other Argoshield suppliers in Kenya in offering the best in customer service and superior purity in our industrial gases.

It is important to ensure the Argoshield mixture you require, depending on your application, is confirmed before order. Please contact the Gas Africa Marketing Team who will be able to assist in this area.