Acetylene is a hydrocarbon and the simplest alkyne, with its chemical formula as C₂H₂. It is a colorless, combustible gas with a distinctive odor. For safe and effective storage as well as proper functioning within cylinders, acetylene gas is mixed in liquid acetone. Acetone in acetylene cylinders helps stabilize the gas making it non-reactive within the cylinder.

Acetylene cylinders are separate, dedicated and special types of cylinders that are used to store and transport the gas with pressures of 5 psi (3 bar). The cylinder consists of a steel shell containing a porous mass as a safety feature. Acetylene gas dissolved in acetone is absorbed by the porous mass and this porous mass slows down any decomposition of the gas, hence, preventing any hazardous/dangerous incidents.

Acetylene gas is widely used as a fuel in oxyacetylene welding and cutting of metals and as raw material in the synthesis of many organic chemicals and plastics. It is considered one of the hottest and very efficient fuel gases with minimum thermal waste. It also requires the least amount of oxygen to ensure complete combustion.

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